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Project goal

The long-term goal of this project is to provide a viable alternative to Minecraft modding.


  • Movement: WASD
  • Inventory: E
  • Jump: Space
  • Sprint: Ctrl
  • Jetpack: X
  • Exit: Escape
  • Debug: F3
  • Fullscreen: F11


How to compile

Using Linux

  • Dependencies:
    • A compiler with C++14 support
    • CMake
    • GameKit (requires SDL2 + tinyxml2, will switch to SFML starting from 2.6)
    • SFML (only used for network)
    • Lua
    • Linux users: Check your distribution repositories for packages.
  • Run cmake .
  • Run make -j8
  • Run the server with ./server/openminer_server
  • Run the client with ./client/openminer

Using Windows


  • Discord: join server
  • IRC: #openminer

Project status

This list is non exhaustive.

Implemented features

  • Menus (title screen, server selection, pause menu, settings menu)
  • Basic worldgen (lakes, trees, flowers, pseudo-caves)
  • Infinite world in X/Y/Z axis (#25)
  • Lighting system with smooth lighting
  • Networking (#20)
  • Lua API
    • Block/item/recipe definition
    • Custom GUI creation
  • Special blocks (workbench, furnace)
  • Block metadata

Missing features

  • Texture pack system (#34)
  • World loading/saving (#26)
  • Particle system
  • Fluid propagation
  • Player model display (currently displaying an ugly box)
  • Day/night cycle with sun/moon display
  • Real worldgen (seed-based, biomes, cave tunnels)
  • Entities (block drops, mobs, etc...)
  • Clouds (#52)


Previous attempts

  • Here is the commit matching the end of the first attempt made in 2013.
  • And here is the commit matching the end of the second attempt made in 2014.

You can find an history of the project here.


  • MadPixel (Minecrafter font) [CC BY-ND]
  • xMrVizzy (Faithful 32x texture pack, will completely replace Vanilla textures)