Self-hostable GnuCash-like
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Quentin Bazin d9ebc4c195 [mycash/cron] ScheduledTransactionCronJob fixed. 6 months ago
api [mycash/bank] Small refactoring. 7 months ago
dashboard [dashboard:home] Small fix. 7 months ago
misc [scripts] Parent attribute is now set correctly during GnuCash import. 8 months ago
mycash [mycash/cron] ScheduledTransactionCronJob fixed. 6 months ago
scripts [scripts] Production scripts fixed. 7 months ago
static/dashboard [static/images] Icons changed. 7 months ago
.gitignore [mycash/] Utils to sync accounts. [mycash/] New cron job to sync bank accounts at 4:00. 7 months ago Repository initialized. 8 months ago
requirements.txt Basic weboob support added. 7 months ago